St. Ambrose martyr patron of Ferentino

                                                 St. Ambrose martyr patron of Ferentino
                               Reliquary statue of St. Ambrose m. work of Fantino Taglietti (1641)
                                                             (Photo by  Fulvio Bernola)
The patron of Ferentino is St. Ambrose, a centurion in the Roman army. He was martyred on 16 August 304 AD during the persecution of Diocletian. The remains of St. Ambrose are kept in the Ferentino cathedral under the high altar.

The feast of St. Ambrose falls on May 1, date of discovery of relics (in latin: inventio) in 1639. On that date a solemn procession takes place to the streets of the City. During the procession 16 men  (called “incollatori”)carry on the shoulder the processional canopy with the silver statue of the Saint, work of the Roman silversmith Fantino Taglietti (1641).

                                                                   La “Macchina di S. Ambrogio”
                                                          Processional canopy of St. Ambrose (1735)
                                            Ferentino, cattedrale, Processional canopy of St. Ambrose
                                           Printed in 1749 to remember the martyrdom of St. Ambrose 
In 1735 the processional canopy of St. Ambrose was commissioned by the Municipality of Ferentino to roman woodcarver Filippo Cianfarani.