Ferentino - Aulo Quintilio Prisco’s “Last will and testament”

                                        Ferentino - Aulo Quintilio Prisco’s “Last will and testament”
                                                                         1st-2 centuries AD
                                                                     (Photo by Angelo Pignataro)
Aulo Quintilio Prisco was Aulo’s son. He belonged to the tribe Palatina (NB = in ancient in Rome there were defined 4 city tribes: Suburbana (the Celius), Palatina, Esquilina, Collina). He was an important political man in Ferentino; he held many public offices during 1th A. D.: Quatuorviro di edilizia potestà, Quatuorviro per l’amministrazione della giustizia, Quatuorviro quinquennale, Pontefice, Prefetto dei Fabbri. For his merits the Senate in Ferentino suggested to put a statue of him on the forum square.
Aulo Quintilio accepted and paid all the expenses. He ransomed for 70.000 sesterces several rural lands and returned them to Community of Ferentino.
He ruled that every five years in his birthday, on may 10th, at his dining room citizens attended a lunch in his honor, also the old and youth people.