Ferentino - Ancient Roman Gates


                                   In the middle: Porta Maggiore (also called “Archi di Casamari”)
                                    On the left (from above): Porta Sanguinaria e Porta Montana
                               On the right (from above): Porta S. Agata (also called “del Borgo”),
                                                Porta Posterula (also called “S. Francesco”)
                                                          Photo by Angelo Pignataro
The names of the Ferentino ancient gates are in Statuta Civitatis Ferentini, laws of the city in force in the Middle Age. The town was divided in four neighborhoods (in it. quartiere), in which people enter across the gate Porta Sanguinaria, or Porta S. Agata, or Porta Posterula (o S. Francesco), or Porta Montana.
Porta Sanguinaria is South, Porta Montana is North; they were, in the roman age, on the Kardo massimo. Porta S. Agata is West, Porta Maggiore is East; they were, in the roman age, on Decumano massimo.
Porta Sanguinaria, Porta Maggiore (also called Casamari), Porta S. Francesco retain their roman structure; Porta Montana and Porta del Borgo (also called S. Agata) were restored in 17th  and 18th AD