Ferentino – Ancient Roman walls

                                                        Ferentino – Ancient Roman walls                                                                                                                                                                                                      (4th-second century BC)
                                   Ferentino – Ancient Roman walls,  southern section Aerial view
Ferentino is one of the most important centres of Ciociaria with its ancient Roman walls, constructed in polygonal and square work.
The huge limestone blocks of the walls, wedged togheter without cement mortar, have given since ancient times the suggestion of having been put in place from the mythical Cyclops or from the Pelasgians, ancient inhabitants of Greece where similar walls are found in Mycenae, Tyrins and Argo.
The walls of Ferentino date back to a construction phase from the IV to the II sec. BC for the part in polygonal work and for the part in square work; in the Middle Ages with the construction of towers for the part characterized by stones of irregulary shaped cemented with mortar in modern times for the renovation and restoration of the walls in those affected areas by landslide movements of the hill.
                                      Ferentino – Roman walls near Porta Sanguinaria
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